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Homeowners purchase and schedule pre-priced services and products live right off your website

Why Handyman Promotions?

Because your website will actually sell your pre-priced services and products with no interaction from you!!
Website that sells for you 24/7 while you are at work or with your family

Don't spend your valuable time driving around quoting on jobs that may never happen

Get more jobs and make more money with less work on your part from a system that sells your services and remodeling products

Handyman Promotions software works for you 24/7 selling jobs and delivers them right to your phone with no interaction from you
Beautiful website tailored to your handyman trade
Professionally designed, fully interactive website that gets jobs
Want to see how it works?
Win jobs instantly and at higher prices from a website that sells jobs for you 24/7 with no interaction from you!
Standard home page templates that accurately showcase your handyman trade services in an array of colors
Fully responsive website that looks great and functions seamlessly on all size devices
Mobile interactive fully enaging site that search engines love to rank high
The complete turn key website for your handyman business
Here's how it works
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Sign up be clicking the button below. Create an account and choose the plan that works for you.
Set Up
We'll get some information about your business and start setting up your site.
Start Getting Jobs
Your website will book jobs straight from the customer and on to your scheduler with no interaction from youwhile you are spending time with your family or working on another job.
Powerful website with awesome features...
Here are just some of the features...
Powerful website that sells
You are getting a powerful website that will be your absolute online sales force with virtually no interaction from you
Email Blast Specials
This special feature will send daily automatic email blasts to all of your past customers and new prospects with 10 seasonal specials at the time homeowners need. For example: it will send a gutter cleaning special in the spring and fall with no interaction on your part.
Receive jobs, not quote requests
Our built in, pre-priced, described services and remodeling products allow visitors to purchase services and products right off your website. A great way to get JOBS and NOT requests.
Targeted to your area
Your website is designed to be found in your selected zip code areas that you want to work in. You can include or exclude towns by simply checking on and off zip codes.
Administration Dashboard
Log into your dashboard and change the look of your home page, change your hourly rate that revises all your services prices, block off days and/or times of the day that you don't want to work
Customized to fit your business
Easily customize your home page and website's format. You can make these changes any time.
Interactive Scheduler
Live calendar that interacts with your database (included) in real time so your visitors can schedule their selected services live on your schedule.
Optimized for Mobile
Your website is optimized for mobile devices. Google favors websites that are mobile friendly. Your website will look great on any device.
Search Engine Optimized
Fully keyword optimized for all your 600 plus services offered in your website so you can easily be found and rank high in search engines.
Portfolio page to show off your work
We've included a portfolio module so you can add pictures of your best work for potential customers to see.
Automatic Follow Up
If your visitor does not schedule while on your website or a quote you may have happened to give that's not for you to worry about. Your software will automatically follow up via email notices to make sure they don't slip through the cracks. It really works!
Google Analytics integrated
Track visitors, quote requests and much more with full Google Analytics integration. Even see your stats in the back-end.
Testimonials from your customers
Proven trustworthy reviews collection system that automatically solicits customers to write a review for you. Your good reviews will dramatically increase your credibility and win you the trust of your prospects.
Fresh Content is king
We have all heard it before: content is king. It's very true when it comes to ranking high in search results. The very efficient gathering of reviews from your system is the best say of updating your content without the real need to spend valuable time on blogging.
Ready to capture new frontiers in today's handyman market?
See what handyman businesses say about Handyman Promotions
I never thought that Handyman Promotions will be such a boost to my handyman business by automatically selling pre-priced services and products and also scheduling through my own website that freed so much of my time to allow me to actually do the work. No more onsite or phone estimates, answer questions on the hone about job descriptions and prices or scheduling. This website system will do all for you which will allow you to just show up to do the work and get paid on the date and time that the customer scheduled online.
Are you ready to make more MONEY?
Affordable Monthly Leasing Prices
Why do you need a pro service site?
Be found online!
You can finally be found online in the cities you service. This means more business. Ideally, more than you can handle.
We'll keep it updated
You will never need to worry about updating your site or the technology behind it. We handle all of that including adding new features.
24/7 sales machine
You will have a 24/7 sales machine that can bring in quote requests all day long and you can respond to them in your free time.
Fresh new look any time you want
You will be able to change the look of your site for free using new themes with just the click of a button.
Pre sold customers
No more trying to sell the customer yourself. They will visit your site, read reviews, etc. By the time they call you, they'll be looking to set up an appointment. This is how I've been doing it for years now.
Testimonials sell!
Convert more prospects into customers after they read all the testimonials on your website. You can add more tesimonials any time you'd like. Customers can now submit testimonials right on your testimonials page.
Professional Image
You will display a professional image about your business that will make the competitors websites look like junk - because they probably are.
Show off your work
Show off your work in the portfolio area. Upload pictures of the work you are most proud of.
Search engine optimized
You will have a search engine optimized website that acually shows up when people are looking for a handyman in your area
Target more cities
Want to target another city in your area? Enter the city and click a button and we'll create you a page highly targeted to that city. This is how you show up in other cities. A very powerful feature.
Admin access
You will have admin access to the site so you can make changes and customizations any time you see fit
Mobile site
You will have a mobile site that looks amazing on mobile devices
See who's visited
You will be able to see complete Google analytics data for your site. How many people have visited, where they came from, etc.
Worry free
No more worring about hosting, DNS servers, updates, etc. We will take care of all of that for you.
Full support
You will have a full support ticketing system built right into the back end of your site so if you ever have a question or need help with anything, we will be there for you.
No contracts
You can cancel at any time
It actually works!
It's no longer about trying to figure out what works online. This is it!
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